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Hydration Technology Innovations is the developer of the most advanced form of water and wastewater filtration membrane technology in the world. HTI has more than twenty years experience in research and development of advanced separation membrane manufacturing, and water filtration and recycling. HTI is the global leader and pioneer in the manufacture of commercial Forward Osmosis (FO) membrane material, and a global leader in membrane filtration wastewater treatment systems integration and installation.

HTI originally developed FO membrane for liquid separation and concentration of food and beverage products. Subsequently, HTI became a leader in personal emergency water filtration by developing portable FO membrane water filters that require no energy and filter water from the dirtiest sources. HTI membrane water filtration systems are used by Military forces globally, and have been hugely successful with Humanitarian disaster relief organizations dealing with contaminated storm waters. HTI emergency water filters and emergency seawater desalinators deliver high-purity clean water, in an enriched electrolyte drink.

HTI uses the same flat sheet, spiral wound, and hollow fiber membrane treatment systems and membrane technologies to develop integrated solutions for water recycling, wastewater reuse, water reclamation, sludge dewatering, advanced solids separation, liquid concentration, gas separation, and emergency portable water filtration.

HTI has also done extensive work in:

  • Pressure Retarded Osmosis for power generation
  • Forward Osmosis Seawater Desalination
  • Osmotic Membrane Bioreactors

HTI’s Forward Osmosis membrane technology creates new possibilities for energy efficient desalination, expands opportunities for water reuse and water recycling and literally redefines the limits of membrane liquid and gas separation technology.

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