HTI Vision

Access to Clean Water is One of the World’s Biggest Problems...HTI Offers a Realistic Solution with Forward Osmosis Technology.

As the world’s foremost provider of forward osmosis membrane and applications technology HTI has created a large opportunity to impact our world. Our vision is to realize the maximum potential of forward osmosis applied for the benefit of industrial, military, municipal, retail and humanitarian markets and to do so in a way that is most beneficial to our planet and environment. More specifically, use forward osmosis to:

  • Harness desalination and other brine streams where possible as a "Free" power source for downstream processes and dewater and recycle difficult wastewater for reuse.
  • Reduce the negative environmental impact of conventional desalination processes (make the process "green") by diluting brine discharge.
  • Improve the efficiency of sewer and wastewater treatment and recycling systems with a goal of complete self contained and energy independent reuse and recycling of wastewater.
  • Dramatically reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of sea water desalination through use of forward osmosis.
  • Develop alternative "green" energy production systems in the form of "Osmotic Power"
  • Harness and adapt the natural osmosis process to provide innovative and unique portable personal hydration, medical treatment and other filtration and separation devices of benefit to society.