Humanitarian Water: Save the Waves Trip to Chile

Save the Waves Coalition LogoSave the Waves Coalition sent a team of employees and volunteers to Chile as part of a disaster response relief trip after the devastating earthquake of Feb 2010.

Save the Waves is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of surfing coastline that is based out of San Francisco and the Chilean cities of Santiago and Curanipe. The mission was lead by Josh Berry, the Environmental Director for Save the Waves. He was accompanied by organization members as well as volunteers. One such volunteer was Dan Mullery, a firefighter from Seaside, OR. Josh, Dan and the rest of team realized the value of HTI’s portable water filters and the confidence they provided by knowing they would have access to clean drink no matter the circumstance they found themselves in.

Most relief supplies being sent in to Chile were arriving at the bigger cities of Constitución and Concepción, so the team decided to travel to the central rural city of Curanipe which was the epicenter of the earthquake and resulting tsunami. The team brought in the HTI Expedition, a backpack style hydration system and several of HTI’s HydroPacks. The group heard that there might be security issues in the area they were traveling to and it was likely any water up to 30 feet above sea level would be tainted. They had no idea what to expect during their relief efforts.

Chile Earthquake VolunteerChile Earthquake VolunteerChile Earthquake VolunteerChile Earthquake Volunteer

“The Expedition and HydroPacks were very beneficial as opposed to other water sources because of the mobility they offered. We heard the road systems were completely ruined and we didn’t know if we were going to have to hike in to the location or be flown in by helicopter. Being able to go in with a trusted source of hydration was really crucial to our mission. Knowing our own team was going to be taken care of for water purposes was really reassuring.”

-Dan Mullery

While in Chile the group brought in medical supplies, re-built roofs, tore down dangerous damaged structures and supplied basic first aid. They also passed out HydroPacks to local relief workers as well as children living in the area and were pleased with how much the local children enjoyed the HydroPacks. Save the Waves and volunteers were impressed with the Expedition and HydroPacks and the peace of mind it brought them on this trip.

“The HydroPacks were easy and convenient to pass out to people we came across during the trip, but just having the product with us was huge. Knowing we could access clean water if we needed to was very important to us."

-Josh Berry

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