Humanitarian Water: WATERisLIFE's Trip to Haiti

WATERisLife trip to HaitiThe WATERisLIFE team visited Haiti in May this year and are now drawn to do so much more.

WATERisLIFE has targeted 23 areas in Northern Haiti that are in desperate need of filters, hygiene/sanitation training and long-term clean water solutions. The WATERisLIFE goal is to bring 5,000+ filters back to Haiti in October, as well as continue to provide them with health and sanitation training and long-term clean water solutions.

While on the aid trip, WiL had the opportunity to share HTI's Expedition and HydroPacks with Haitians involved in aid and humanitarian work. Ken Surritte, the Founder of WATERisLIFE was able to introduce the products to Ray VanSlyke and his team who live and work in Haiti.

"There are times when the heat and humidity are just unbearable, and clean water sources are limited. A few months ago we had to hike to help a village in the mountains - it was an 8-9 hour grueling hike, and truly if we would have had these tools - it would have made our jobs so much easier. To provide aid for people, when we are not at full capacity can be challenging. It would be amazing to be able to use these products while we are helping to provide assistance and aid in the aftermath of the earthquake. The need is so great for clean water solutions as the water systems have become more and more burdened as the refugees are trying to rebuild their lives."

-Ray VanSlyke from Grace Missions

WATERisLife trip to HaitiWATERisLife trip to Haiti

"The team also found the HydroPacks to be a life-saver! As new visitors to the country, many were not accustomed to the climate, and could have suffered physically. The team enjoyed 'happy hour' each evening with a HydroPack to rehydrate after long days of filter distribution and hygiene clinics. It was so simple and tasted fantastic - the team said it was delicious, and wanted 'another round.' And the comfort of knowing that each pouch we consumed was clean, fresh water, and helped to hydrate us - was a blessing!"

-Kristine Bender, WiL Haiti Team Leader

WATERisLife trip to Haiti

"These packs would be great to send with all aid teams and workers as they travel to areas that have compromised water systems - as they are helping others and hoping to stay at full strength physically. WATERisLIFE will continue to utilize these tools as the teams work in many areas around the world as they distribute filters and create sustainable clean water solutions. In 2011, WiL will continue work in Kenya, Ghana and potential projects in South America. WiL will recommend the products to local contacts and nationals in these areas, as both the HydroPack and the Expedition could be life-saving."

-Ken Surrite

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