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HTI Water Humanitarian WaterThe Necessity of Clean Water

More than one billion people lack access to safe drink worldwide, and for this reason, water borne illness has become the leading cause of death. On any given day, over 50% of the world's hospital beds are occupied by people suffering from water-borne disease*.

The UN predicts that by 2025, 2/3 of the world's population will face periodic and severe water shortage. Natural disasters, such as earthquakes or floods claim most of their victims by dysentery resulting from contaminated water supplies.

HTI Products as the Solution

HTI's personal hydration products work very efficiently for Humanitarian efforts and as an early entry water solution for disaster relief situations. The products require very simple maintenance making them ideal for remote locations, they have the ability to be used in a variety of water sources, they have a great taste along with the added nutritional benefits of electrolytes and they can offer a lift reduction between 14x and 35x.

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HTI's Humanitarian Water Lead Story

HTI’s HydroPack Delivery to Flooded Western Kenya

HTI Water Kenya Project Phase 2HTI has delivered thousands of HydroPack emergency water filters to flood-ravaged Western Kenya, where flooding along the Nzoia River in Western Kenya has left thousands of homes and small farms under water. The area was the site of a HydroPack demonstration pilot funded jointly by Eastman Chemical and HTI in January of 2011.

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HTI Water Kenya Project Blog


HTI Water Humanitarian Environmental Impact

Meeting the hydration needs of a population in the wake of a natural disaster or civil disturbance is one of the critical first steps of any response plan.

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