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HTI Humanitarian Project - KenyaHTI’s HydroPack Delivery to Flooded Western Kenya

HTI has delivered thousands of HydroPack emergency water filters to flood-ravaged Western Kenya, where flooding along the Nzoia River in Western Kenya has left thousands of homes and small farms under water. The area was the site of a HydroPack demonstration pilot funded jointly by Eastman Chemical and HTI in January of 2011.

The floodwaters, spilling over and through the River Nzoia dike system, have ravaged the homes and livelihoods of some 25,000 people, leaving them homeless and scattered across eleven camps in the area of Mudimbia and Port Victoria. Schools and clinics have been converted to displacement camps, while others make do under tarpaulin tents.

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HTI’s Research Project in Kenya

HTI Water Humanitarian Project - Kenya

Hydration Technology Innovations conducted a water research project in Mudimbia, Kenya to challenge conventional wisdom regarding the delivery of bottled water in the event of a disaster. The plan of the pilot project is to prove the effectiveness of the HTI HydroPack as a superior alternative to the shipment and delivery of bottled water during the initial phase of a disaster relief scenario.

The initial default solution to many disaster relief situations is to fly in bottled water provisions. This proves to be logistically difficult as bulk or bottled water solutions comprise up to 50% of the weight of relief supplies airlifted into a disaster zone. HTI’s HydroPack is a single use water filtration pouch that is light, compact, easy to use and can provide a clean drink from nearly any water source. Additionally, the drink that is produced has nutrients and calories essential to health and hydration during a water emergency. One helicopter of HydroPacks can deliver the same clean water as 15 helicopters of bottled water, and requires little to no training to use.

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