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Humanitarian Water Filters Product Sheet

Providing water during the early phase of disaster response is often a logistical nightmare. Existing water systems take time to repair. Bulk or bottled water is difficult to deliver and very expensive when delivered by air. Surface water is almost always heavily contaminated, and can easily result in increased mortality and disease amongst disaster populations.

HTI Humanitarian Water products provide a means to quickly deliver safe and simple point-of-use water filtration for disaster victims. HTI products have the highest purity of any personal water filters, are non-clogging, and require neither electricity nor purifying chemicals.

A nutrient syrup is used to drive the natural filtration process by forward osmosis, resulting in a dilute sports drink that will enhance hydration for the disaster victim. In independent laboratory tests, HTI filters meet or surpass reductions for bacteria, viruses, and cysts as specified by the EPA for water purifiers.


hti Water Products - Expedition
hti Water Products - Expedition

Response personnel require constant access to clean drink in order to stay healthy. Often their work is limited by the amount of water they can physically carry or pack in a vehicle. The HTI Expedition will dramatically reduce the water burden for emergency responders, meeting their hydration needs without breaking their backs. Use the back pack style Expedition with clean or dirty water, its unique non-clogging forward osmosis filter provides you with unprecedented options.

How it Works:

The Expedition’s dual-chambered reservoir can be filled either with clean water through its round port, or quickly filled with dirty water through the wide roll-top opening for filtration. Inject one 4-oz syrup pouch for up to three liters of filtration, and the osmotic filter takes over from there, producing nearly one liter per hour. Just dip and go. Very little effort is required of the user.

System Specifications:
Volume: 100 fl. oz. (3 L) clean water reservoir
84 fl. oz. (2.5 L) dirty water reservoir
Filter Life: 90 days
Filter Output: 27 fl. oz. (0.8 L)/ hour at 20ºC
User Effort: seconds to fill, no work required for filtering


HTI Water Products - X-Pack
HTI Water Products - X-Pack

The X-Pack can be filled from almost any contaminated stream, ditch or puddle, then tossed into your bag. This revolutionary system filters on the go, delivering 54 fl. oz. (1.6 L) of pure drink. With X-Pack in your gear, you’ll never surrender to thirst.

How it Works:

To easily filter virtually any water, Pour dirty water into the red port of the X-Pack and then pour one bottle of sports drink syrup into the green port. Wait 4-12 hours until the inner bag fills. Pour the processed water into a clean container and the X-Pack is ready to use again.

System Specifications:
Volume: 8.5 gal (32 L) with use of a resupply kit
Filter Output: over 54 fl. oz (1.6 L) a day per charge (comes with 10 charges)
User Effort: seconds to fill, no work required for filtering


hti Water Products - Expedition
HTI Water Products - HydroWell

The HydroWell is a water can style hydration system.  The osmotic membrane filter is built into the cap. The system sets up in minutes for either stationary or vehicle-mounted operations and can provide 30 L of clean drink per day from virtually any water source.

How it Works:

To operate, simply fill one can with dirty water to be filtered, plug one sports syrup pouch into the cap, and the HydroWell will immediately start pumping clean drink.

System Specifications:
Volume: Uses a 5.3 gal (20 L) water can
Filter Life: 90 days
User Effort: seconds to fill, no work required for filtering

Charges Per Day at 20°C
  1 2 3  
Liters Per Day: 16 24 30  
Avg. Liters Per Hour .7 1.0 1.2  
Liters Per Charge 16 12 10  
Volume Multiplier 39 29 24  

HydroWell Village™ System

hti Water Products - HydroWell Village™ System

The HydroWell Village System is designed to support small communities or be used in disaster relief to support up to 400 people with a survival ration of drink. Each HydroWell Village can produce up to 800 liters/day per filter cartridge bundle and is scalable up to three bundles per system for expanded output. The system is easy to use and maintain; no electricity, pumping or chemicals are required.

How it Works:

The HydroWell Village is comprised of a 500 L working tank for contaminated water, a 450 L clean collection tank, and a 20 L syrup feed tank. Simply fill the working tank with contaminated water, then open the valve on the syrup tank. The syrup will gravity-feed the membrane filter bundle and the system will begin filling the collection tank with clean drink. Sugar content of the clean drink can be adjusted by the user from 1.5%to 6%.

System Specifications:
Volume Output Fresh Water: Approx. 660 L/day (@25°C)
Brackish Water: Approx. 250 L/day (@25°C)
Syrup Consumption 20 L/day at 3% concentration
13 L/day at 5% concentration
Filter Life 180 Days
User Effort Minimal. Fill the collection tank and charge syrup
Maintenance Replace the charge syrup as scheduled


hti Water Products - Expedition
HTI Water Products - Hydropack

The HydroPack is a one-time-use, self hydrating, emergency hydration pouch. Each 12 fl. oz. (355 ml) pouch is pre-filled with a flavored osmotic agent which, when fully hydrated, becomes an electrolyte enriched drink.

How it Works:

Simply place the pouch in any water source and it will self hydrate. The pouch itself is the forward osmosis membrane filter that allows the pouch to draw in water and reject even the harshest contaminants. The pouch will hydrate in approximately 10 hours. Once hydrated, insert a straw through the pouch or simply cut the corner off to consume.

System Specifications:
Volume: 12-17 fl. oz. (355-500 ml)
Filter Life one time use
Filter Output 12 fl. oz. (355 ml) in 10-12 hours at 68ºF (20ºC)
User Effort Place the pouch in water; no work required for filtering
Shelf Life 5 years
Available In 6 pack re-sealable pouch
108 pouch bucket
402 bulk (67 packs of 6)