HTI Forward Osmosis Applications
HTI Water Oil & Gas Wastewater
HTI’s unique and proprietary Forward Osmosis wastewater filtration technology is reclaiming and recycling... more >>
HTI Water Industrial & Municipal Wastewater
Offering both proprietary Forward Osmosis and Ultrafiltration membrane products and systems HTI provides unique... more >>
Military Water and Desalination Filters
Military forces the world over are often stationed in areas that present unique water filtration challenges... more >>
HTI Water Personal Water and Desalination Filters
For individuals or large groups, HTI has outdoor and emergency water filters that produce a pure safe drink... more >>
HTI Humanitarian Water
In a Humanitarian water crisis, no matter if the source is wastewater, flood water, a mud puddle... more >>

HTI Water Applications

Could water be 'the petroleum for the next century'?

Access to potable water has become a multi-billion dollar worldwide problem that is growing with each passing day. Although the earth is covered by water, only 2.5% is fresh and the majority of these reserves remain unavailable in the polar ice.

With a finite supply of fresh water in aquifers, a solution to reuse and filter water is more important than ever.  HTI is committed to collaborating with industry leaders and government regulatory commissions, to apply forward osmosis technology in order to reclaim or recycle waste water and to supporting humanitarian organizations to deliver viable water filtration systems to developing nations.