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Industrial Wastewater & Municipal Wastewater: About

HTI Oil & Gas Exploration Harness HTI's Proven and Unique Forward Osmosis and Ultrafiltration Technology to Tackle Your Most Difficult Industrial and Municipal Waste Streams

HTI has pioneered a unique suite of filtration options for your most difficult to treat industrial, commercial and POTW waste streams. HTI was the first, and remains the only company today, to commercially manufacture and market forward osmosis membrane material. Through extensive R & D efforts, and millions of dollars of investment, HTI engineers have pioneered harnessing the natural occurring power of Forward Osmosis to create highly energy efficient “Green” filtration systems that can filter your most difficult, fouling and toxic waste streams. HTI’s OsMem FO membrane line of products is now available in many standard and custom configurations to meet your needs.

HTI has also pioneered development of the one of the worlds highest performance and most efficient High Solids Ultrafiltration membranes for oil water separation. HTI’s SepraMem UF membrane line is also available in many standard and custom configurations to meet your needs.

HTI membrane technology for wastewater recycling, filtration and concentration is most applicable for:

  • Oil & gas exploration drilling and completion water reclamation
  • Landfill leachate wastewater
  • Alternative energy anaerobic biogas digester wastewater
  • Food processing wastewater
  • Food concentration
  • Membrane bioreactors (Osmotic MBR)
  • Carpet manufacturing
  • Machining cutting wastewater
  • Radioactive wastewater clean-up
  • Medical/dental hazardous wastewater reclamation
  • Petroleum refinery wastewater
  • Mining and many others

Whether you need to leverage the natural “free” power supply hidden in an existing brine stream at your plant or manufacturing process, treat a difficult wastewater stream that other technologies simply are not up to, or you need to generate ultra clean re-use or discharge water, HTI has a system to meet your needs. It does not matter if you are an end-user customer or a veteran systems integrator, HTI’s highly trained and experienced applications engineers are poised to assist you in design, construction and operation of the worlds most unique membrane filtration wastewater systems, using any or all of our HTI membrane products. Custom applications are our specialty, and we know your needs are likely special and unique.

HTI’s research laboratory is not resting on our laurels, and we never stop in our quest for improvement. We understand, perhaps better than most, the unique opportunities for Forward Osmosis and other membrane technology. Work continues in our labs, and in research partnerships with many industry groups, perfecting and improving highly efficient Forward Osmosis Desalination systems, Osmotic Membrane Bioreactors (OSMBR), Osmotic Power Systems, and pioneering new Gas Separation Membrane technology.

Together with our existing technology and these exciting new frontiers, HTI technology is poised to help you reduce your E-impact today.

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