HTI Industrial & Municipal Wastewater Forward Osmosis Solutions

Forward Osmosis Systems: About

HTI Forward OsmosisFor Over 15 Years, HTI Has Been the Driving Force in Development of Forward Osmosis Membranes, and its Adaptation for Unique Industrial and Municipal Waste Systems. 

HTI's OsMem FO family of membrane products available in flat sheet cassettes, spiral cartridges, and hollow fiber modules, are your logical choice for Forward Osmosis applications.

Many industries and processes produce difficult to treat waste streams of sludge and byproducts that must be dewatered to reduce disposal costs. In many of those cases, water can not be reasonably separated from waste and often massive quantities of water are therefore land-applied for disposal, disposed of underground, or discharged into our surface water supply.  This results in significant environmental impact and potential permanent loss or contamination of our water, Earth's most valuable resource.

When used to dewater commercial and industrial waste streams HTI's OsMem Forward Osmosis technology:

  • Dramatically reduces sludge volumes
  • Reduces sludge disposal cost
  • Substantially improves water quality
  • Substantially reduces energy consumption
  • Eliminates the use of dangerous chemicals and compounds, thereby reducing environmental impact

In Forward Osmosis, osmotic pressure selectively draws molecules through the membrane avoiding membrane fouling and compaction.  HTI's OsMem Forward Osmosis technology is widely applicable for filtration or concentration of difficult commercial and industrial waste streams.   One of the membranes in HTI's OsMem FO family is sure to allow you to configure a filtration or concentration system that;

  • Overcomes fouling limitations inherent in pressure driven membrane separations allowing proper filtration and concentration of difficult products and waste streams
  • Processes feed streams containing high levels of suspended solids
  • Reduces the high cost of inefficient high pressure pumped systems