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HTI Forward OsmosisFor Over 15 Years, HTI Has Been the Driving Force in Development of Forward Osmosis Membranes, and its Adaptation for Unique Industrial and Municipal Waste Systems. 

HTI's OsMem FO family of membrane products available in flat sheet cassettes, spiral cartridges, and hollow fiber modules, are your logical choice for Forward Osmosis applications.

Many industries and processes produce difficult to treat waste streams of sludge and byproducts that must be dewatered to reduce disposal costs. In many of those cases, water can not be reasonably separated from waste and often massive quantities of water are therefore land-applied for disposal, disposed of underground, or discharged into our surface water supply.  This results in significant environmental impact and potential permanent loss or contamination of our water, Earth's most valuable resource.

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HTI Ultra-Sep™ High Solids Ultrafiltration system

Stahlbush Island Farms - Turning Waste into Revenue

As Stahlbush Island Farms planned the launch of North America's first -of its- kind Biogas Facility, they recognized that they had an opportunity to make the facility truly unique. Digesters are renewable energy plants that convert waste products - manure or food waste - into electricity through anaerobic digestion. In other words, they turn waste into revenue generating power; in the case of Stahlbush, enough electricity to power 1,100 homes

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