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HTI Water Ultrafiltration SystemsHigh Performance Ultrafiltration with HTI's SepraMem™ Systems

HTI has pioneered unique versions of High Performance Ultrafiltration membranes targeted at separating oily wastewaters in industrial and food manufacturing applications, HTI's SepraMem UF family of membrane products available in spiral wound cartridges, are your ultimate solution to oily wastewater applications.

Many industries and processes produce oil containing waste streams that are difficult to treat using conventional methods. Cutting fluids, wash down water and food processing waste contain high concentrations of emulsified oils and fats. Regulations typically require aggressive filtration or treatment before discharge and traditional waste treatment solutions are ineffective or prohibitively expensive.

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HTI Ultra-Sep™ High Solids Ultrafiltration system

Ultrafiltration Case: HTI High Solids Ultrafiltration System Model Ultra-SepTM 30/400

The HTI Ultra-Sep™ High Solids Ultrafiltration system meets new discharge regulations. A scrap chip washing system is a batch operation that produces a soap and emulsified oil wastewater plus two rinse cycles. The effluent requires oil removal prior to going to the wastewater treatment system.

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