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HTI Water Military Water & Desalination Filters

HTI's Water Filtration Technology Enhances Force Protection and Minimizes Security Risks.

HTI has developed a water filtration system, in conjunction with the US Department of Defense, to consistently create a clean, safe drink from nearly any water source. It's not possible to know what type of local water our troops will encounter when deployed, but it is most often contaminated.

Osmosis is the natural diffusion of water through a semi-permeable membrane from a solution containing a low concentration of dissolved solids to a solution having a higher concentration of dissolved solids. A sports drink syrup provides the osmotic pull to move the water through the membrane filter.

HTI Water Military Water & Desalination FiltersHTI filter systems deliver the highest purity possible. In independent laboratory tests, HTI filters meet or surpass reductions for bacteria, viruses, and cysts as specified by the EPA for water purifiers. The filters are extremely reliable; they simply don't clog. Unlike other water filters, no pressure is required for the filtration process which can cause the system to clog. HTI filters are hands free. HTI's tactical filters are fill-and-go systems. Spending less time at a water source lets our forces concentrate on more important tasks and allows for increased situational awareness.

Three products were developed specifically with the Military forces in mind. The X-Pack, a rugged, 10 day water filter that can filter up to 54 fl. oz. (1.6 L) of drink per day, per charge. Over 80,000 X-Packs are fielded to US military personnel. The second product is the Expedition, an advanced backpack hydration system that is both a reservoir for potable water and an osmotic filtration system. The third is the HydroWell, a 5.3 gal (20 L) water can that provides up to 8 gal (30 L) of clean drink per day. The osmotic filter is built right into the standard water cap, and sets up in minutes for either stationary or vehicle-mounted operation.

The Military now has a tool that allows them to change the way they think about water sources, resupply and tactical planning; a tactical advantage.