HTI Military Water & Desalination Filters

Military Water Filters & Military Desalination Filters: Case Study

Assembly PlantHTI Products tested by Hurricane Katrina Flood water

HTI’s water filters are used by the U.S. military and disaster relief organizations around the world, and have proven themselves under some of the most demanding and extreme conditions. One such case was in New Orleans in the relief response efforts for Hurricane Katrina victims.

According to news reports, the first water that flowed into New Orleans was clear clean ocean water from the storm surges. But in a couple of days time, the water turned black and was incredibly foul from raw sewage and industrial contaminants. People developed rashes on their legs from standing in it.

The National Guard filled HTI X-Packs with flood waters directly from the streets of New Orleans, to be used as emergency drink. The HTI X-Pack eliminated the off-the-charts levels of bacteria in the floodwaters, and even reduced the heavy metal contaminants to non-detect levels. The electrolytes and calories provided in the syrup charge that powers the forward osmosis filtration process was an added benefit for the military personnel and victims.

Rejection comparable to Reverse Osmosis

  • 5 angstrom pore size
  • 97% NaCl rejection

In independent laboratory tests, HTI filters meet or surpass reductions for bacteria, viruses, and cysts as specified by the EPA for water purifiers.

  • 6-log reduction bacteria

  • 4-log reduction virus

  • 3-log reduction parasites

Reduces heavy metals and chemical poisons by up to 95%