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HTI Water Military Water & Desalination Filters HTI's Water Filtration Technology Enhances Force Protection and Minimizes Security Risks.

HTI has developed a water filtration system, in conjunction with the US Department of Defense, to consistently create a clean, safe drink from nearly any water source. It's not possible to know what type of local water our troops will encounter when deployed, but it is most often contaminated.

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Reliable Soldier Technology

HTI's forward osmosis water products have been tested and proven by U.S. and foreign militaries.

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HTI Water Military Water & Desalination Filters Environmental Impact

HTI’s forward osmosis technology doesn’t just benefit soldiers, it can be a relief for an environment stressed by military operations as well.

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HTI Products tested by Hurricane Katrina Flood water

HTI’s water filters are used by the U.S. military and disaster relief organizations around the world, and have proven themselves under some of the most demanding and extreme conditions. One such case was in New Orleans in the relief response efforts for Hurricane Katrina victims.

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HTI Water Military Water & Desalination Filters