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Military Water Filters & Military Desalination Filters: Lead Story

HTI Water Military Water & Desalination FiltersReliable Soldier Technology

HTI's forward osmosis water products have been tested and proven by U.S. and foreign militaries.

HTI's forward osmosis water products have been tested and proven by U.S. and foreign militaries.

With the HTI Expedition, carrying 12 fluid ounces of small syrup pouches in cargo pockets will generate 16.5 pounds of drink – weight you don't have to carry on your back and can replace with ammunition or other critical supplies.

U.S. forces in locales such as Afghanistan face extreme logistical challenges. Terrain and the enemy combine to make resupply of forward operating bases and fire bases a difficult and dangerous challenge.

"If I'm on a thirty mile foot patrol and have likely contaminated indigenous water sources to use, I can use the HTI Expedition system and suddenly take 20 pounds of water off my back, replacing it with ammo or other critical supplies. Or maybe it's Special Forces team that benefits by reduced aviation activity that reveals their location to the enemy, or a sniper team that can stay in a hide site for many days longer. The examples are really endless because I'm reducing my footprint and becoming more autonomous and less dependant on a logistics supply chain. That's been one of the main goals of the Army transformation over the last decade"

-Retired Special Forces MSG Randy Kerlee

The Technology is Reliable:

  • Any water source, short time at source

  • Extremely resistant to clogging

  • Highest purity levels (meets EPA standards)

  • No power requirement, No pumping (injury scenario)

  • Little training requirement

HTI Filters Provide Preventive Health Benefits:

  • Formula fights symptoms of diarrhea
  • Soldier readiness enhanced by delivery of calories and salts
  • Increased combat effectiveness by reducing soldier sickness
  • No chemicals...better tasting, decreased diarrheal symptoms,
  • Better soldier hydration

Tactical Benefits:

  • Reduces water log requirement for early-entry ops; up to 35x
  • Increases unit rapid response capability
  • Strengthens unit battlefield sustainability
  • Increases small unit operational duration
  • Maintains small unit tactical secrecy and surprise by eliminating excessive aviation activity in the AOR
  • Enhances unit maneuver capability by negating central source water distribution points