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HTI Oil & Gas ExplorationThe Power to Economically Recycle Water in Your Drilling E&P Program While Substantially Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Your Operation.

One of the largest opportunities for the application of HTI’s Proprietary Forward Osmosis filtration technology is seen in reclaiming drilling wastewater from gas exploration operations. HTI has developed an alternative energy-driven means of filtering gas well reserve pit drilling water, a waste stream that few competing technologies can tackle. HTI’s technology reclaims drilling wastewater by using a unique filtration technology and harnessing a chemical energy source required by downstream E&P processes, a cost and resource that is already being consumed on each well.

Application of this technology saves money, dramatically reduces energy consumption, and reclaims or recycles millions of barrels of fresh water that are normally transported long distances, injected in deep disposal wells and forever lost from the fresh water cycle. Fresh water is utilized in all phases of gas well development: drilling, completion, and stimulation. Most of the source water for these activities comes from fresh water wells, surface waters or municipal water supplies. On average, a single well can consume 5,000,000 to 8,000,000 gallons of fresh water that may never see its way back to the fresh water cycle.

HTI’s technology for filtering drilling wastewater dramatically reduces the negative environmental impact of E&P operations by not only conserving and recycling precious fresh water, but significantly reducing the overall carbon footprint and danger of E&P water handling.

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