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Oil Wastewater Treatment & Gas Wastewater Treatment: Environmental Impact

Environmental ImpactThe Power to Reduce Environmental Impact

HTI’s technology for filtering E&P wastewater dramatically reduces the negative environmental impact of E&P operations by not only conserving and recycling precious fresh water, but significantly reducing the overall carbon footprint of E&P water handling.

In the United States, there are approximately 2,000 drilling rigs drilling for domestic tight gas every day resulting in consumption of billions of gallons of fresh water per day that may be lost from our surface aquifer to never be used again.  Up to 150 tanker-truck loads can be required to haul a single drilling reserve pit’s wastewater to a disposal well. If each truck has to travel an average of 2 hours to the disposal site, over 600 trucking hours are required to empty the pit.  HTI’s unique and proprietary Forward Osmosis technology solution can recycle this water consuming less than 100 gallons of diesel.