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HTI Water Oil & Gas Wastewater Green Machine Bear Creek Services and HTI Develop and Market the Green Machine

Bear Creek Services and HTI have developed a novel oilfield wastewater reclamation system, a unique environmentally-friendly water reclamation process for the oil and gas industry.

The Green Machine is the first energy efficient system for recycling the millions of gallons of fresh water used daily in the oil and gas drilling process.

This system incorporates HTI’s proprietary forward osmosis membrane technology into a portable and scalable oil field wastewater reclamation system. The Green Machine provides drilling operators with a cost-effective alternative to reclaim their wastewater for reuse and dramatically reduces the environmentally damaging and costly transportation currently used in natural gas exploration.

The Green Machine’s Technology Revolutionizes Wastewater Reclamation

The Green Machine is being commercially used in the Haynesville Shale natural gas field in North Louisiana and East Texas.  The system uses alternative energy and HTI’s forward osmosis filtration to recycle drilling waste into a high quality completion fluid for use in frac jobs.

On each well, over 80% of the drilling waste can be recycled to provide approximately 20% of the water required for hydraulic fracturing.  Commercial scale units are trailer mounted systems capable of recycling up to 4 barrels per minute (168 gallons per minute – 242,000 gallons per day).  Using the Green Machine to recycle drilling waste into completion fluid not only reduces a significant portion of the need for additional fresh water, but also greatly reduces the amount of heavy truck traffic required to move the waste and source water in and out of the well-site, respectively.

The Green Machine's Technology Revolutionizes Wastewater Reclamation

The Green Machine is Different From Other Technologies

  • Highest water quality: rejects 100% of virus, bacteria, solids, >90% of undesirable solutes including iron, calcium, metals, barium, etc.
  • Primary reclamation process is driven by alternative energy; osmotic gradient-drive.
  • Portable, scalable, modular;  easy set up and can be 'right-sized'.
  • Safe: entire unit runs on less than 10 psi, has no moving parts other than the self-contained pumps, and uses little electricity.
  • Selective filtration:  forward osmosis membrane technology rejects unwanted solutes and solids from the waste stream without complicated pre-treatments or fouling.
  • Economically competitive with conventional disposal options.
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