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HTI's revolutionary forward osmosis water filtration products were originally developed in cooperation with the US Department of Defense for soldier hydration.  Funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the goal of the project was to develop a means by which a soldier could drink any water found on the ground, no matter how contaminated.  There were a number of water technologies involved in the project, but critical to meeting the goals of the military was the ability to work well with muddy or turbid water.  DARPA understood that forward osmosis was the only technology that had the potential to work unimpeded in thick, dirty water

HTI Water Life PackHTI, meanwhile, understood that what is good for the soldier is good for anyone who needs to hydrate in remote areas or during emergencies.  So from those early beginnings, HTI has refined and improved its forward osmosis products and is now recognized as the leading authority on osmotic membranes and forward osmosis products.  Today soldiers, first responders, boaters, travelers and outdoor enthusiasts all rely on HTI's proprietary technology to deliver high purity fluids from the most challenging water sources around the world.  HTI is proud of its continuing contribution to soldier health and disaster relief.

HTI Water Expedition PackTo be effective in austere and demanding environments, a water filter must offer both very high purity and high reliability; it needs to work when you need it.  Many technologies produce safe fluids when used with clear water sources but become unreliable or impossible to use in turbid, dirty water.  This is because competing filtration technologies plug up, and competing chemical technologies cannot penetrate the turbidity to kill the biological pathogens.

Forward osmosis accomplishes the provides the highest filtration purity through its super-tight membrane, and yet is completely reliable in any water source.  That's why those who need to be prepared for any water source choose HTI products to keep them healthy and hydrated.

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