Personal Desalination & Water Filters: Case Study

HikersAn Avid Hikers Experience with HTI’s Personal Water Filters

Stephanie Madesh has come to realize the true benefits of having a product that can filter the most dirty water sources into a clean refreshing beverage. Stephanie is an avid hiker and has enjoyed many hikes, including a 2 and ½ month hike she completed at the Lower 800 of the Pacific Crest Trail. The first 300 miles of California desert provided some very dirty and contaminated water. On this hike Stephanie brought a pump filter and the Expedition back pack style filter to stay hydrated.

Hikers Back PackStephanie and her hiking partner used a combination of both products, but when they came across a very yellow, brown, dirty or contaminated looking water source, they would only pull out the Expedition. They did not trust the pump working in these situations. They also benefited from the added electrolytes in the drink produced by the Expedition while hiking through the dry desert climate, which they were not able to get with the pump filter.

Dirty Water“The benefits of using the Expedition over bottled water or other forms of water purification are that you can’t pack that much with you while hiking and you never know what type of water you will be running into. If it is all crystal clear water, then any product would be fine, but when you’re hiking in the desert you want something portable that you can trust using in very dirty water sources. Some other hikers were using a pump filter in a dirty water source and even after they pumped the water it had a horrible stench to it. That is when I pulled out the Expedition. It really is a trust factor, especially when you have no idea what water you will come across on your path. You don’t want to take a gamble with the water that you are consuming.”

-Stephanie Madesh