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HTI Water Personal Water & Desalination Filters Be Prepared with HTI's Suite of Personal Water and Desalination Filter Products

HTI's revolutionary forward osmosis water filtration products were originally developed in cooperation with the US Department of Defense for soldier hydration.  Funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the goal of the project was to develop a means by which a soldier could drink any water found on the ground, no matter how contaminated.  There were a number of water technologies involved in the project, but critical to meeting the goals of the military was the ability to work well with muddy or turbid water.  DARPA understood that forward osmosis was the only technology that had the potential to work unimpeded in thick, dirty water

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HTI’s Forward Osmosis Technology used by NASA in Space

HTI's OsMem™ Forward Osmosis membrane technology can recycle "used" water such as wastewater and even urine to provide a fortified drink that provides hydration and nutrients to astronauts with limited resources and storage in space.

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HTI Water Environmental Impact

HTI’s Personal Water & Desalination Filter products leave an improved environmental impact compared to traditional bottled water for hydration in outdoor or emergency situations.

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HTI Water Personal Water & Desalination Filters Case Study

An Avid Hikers Experience with HTI’s Personal Water Filters

Stephanie Madesh has come to realize the true benefits of having a product that can filter the most dirty water sources into a clean refreshing beverage. Stephanie is an avid hiker and has enjoyed many hikes, including a 2 and ½ month hike she completed at the Lower 800 of the Pacific Crest Trail.

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