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HTI Water Nasa ProjectHTI's Forward Osmosis Technology used by NASA in Space

HTI developed a Forward Osmosis hydration system for NASA astronauts aboard the Space Station and for future extended space missions.

HTI's OsMem™ Forward Osmosis membrane technology can recycle "used" water such as wastewater and even urine to provide a fortified drink that provides hydration and nutrients to astronauts with limited resources and storage in space.

NASA's Kennedy Space Center, which is located in Florida, had their scientists test a space-adapted version of HTI's Forward Osmosis filter bag aboard space shuttle Atlantis during the STS-135 mission that recently launched to the Space Station.


Prior to launch, Spencer Woodward, the Technical Integration Manager for NASA said:

"HTI has been very helpful in manufacturing a forward osmosis bag that we were able to certify for spaceflight and testing on-board the Space Shuttle…We are excited and optimistic for the test results that will hopefully give us the opportunities for further testing and eventual use on board the International Space Station and other future space vehicles."

HTI Water Nasa ProjectHTI Water Nasa Project

The outcome of these tests could result in a long-term application for Forward Osmosis membranes that would exist inside a space suit for upcoming space travel. It could also serve as an emergency backup source for water aboard the International Space Station, providing hydration and nutrition during emergency return-to-Earth scenarios and as aid during future long-term space exploration.