Forward Osmosis Systems: Environmental Inpact

HTI’s Forward Osmosis is a Green technology. This membrane separation technology has numerous, positive environmental effects.

In the Oil Industry, the Application of the Technology:

  • reclaims water previously lost from water cycle when deep injected into the earth

  • reduces hauling and associated fuel consumption and environmental impact

In Landfills:

  • cleans severely contaminated landfill leachate to very high purities reducing risk of serious environmental contamination

In Anaerobic Biogas Digesters:

  • Creates valuable Organic fertilizers from waste product, reducing consumption of commercial fertilizer
  • Reclaims water for reuse
  • Increases the economic viability of digester, encourages renewable energy projects reduces hauling and associated carbon footprint.
  • Reduces storage burden of effluent, encourages plant expansion and more renewable energy capacity.
  • Reduces risk of waste runoff and resulting river, groundwater contamination.

In Disaster Relief:

  • Point‐of‐use filtration of surface water eliminates environmental impact of bottled water in disaster relief settings, as well as the enormous carbon footprint of moving bulk water.