HTI Water Technology


HTI is the developer of the most advanced form of water filtration technology in the world.

HTI has more than twenty years experience in research and development of advanced membrane technology, and has developed the world’s first commercially viable line of forward osmosis membrane products.

This technology has been used by NASA, the US Department of Defense, branches of the US military and in aid of relief organizations around the world.

HTI originally developed FO for “cold” concentration of food and beverage products. Pilots were carried out at OSU Food Science, UC Davis and a California tomato plant demonstrating quality benefits and energy savings.

HTI used the same membrane innovation for waste reduction /water recovery for NASA and landfill leachate.

HTI has also done extensive work in:

HTI's Water Products
  • Pressure Retarded Osmosis for power generation
  • Desalination

HTI’s Forward Osmosis technology creates new possibilities for desalination, expands opportunities for water reuse and literally redefines the limits of membrane separation technology.